Sikkim Festival Calendar

Magha SankrantiLama Dance .
(1st day,Nepali Month Magha)
Hindus ritually bathe at a holy spot, celebrating spring's arrival.

Guthor Chaam ( Two Days Prior to Losar)
Dances at Rumtek and Pemayangtse Monasteries to welcome the Tibetan New Year.

Celebrated for several days at home and in Monasteries. Govt. Offices are closed.

Bumchu, Tashiding Bumchu/ Sinek
Blessings, celebrations at Tashiding/ Sinek. The Bumchu is a sacred water vessel whose water level foretells the luck of the year ahead.

Eight Lucky SignsSagadawa

The triple blessed festival. Celebrates Buddha's incarnation , enlightenment and Mahapri-nirvana. The procession of monks and Buddhist devotees carrying the holy scriptures in most of the imortant Monasteries of Sikkim.

Guru Rimpoche's Trungkar Tsechu/ Tse Chu Chaam
Spectacular 'Black Hat' Dances at the Rumtek Monastery.

Tendong Lho Rum Fat
Lepcha festival worshipping Mount Tendong, focus of many Lepcha myth.

Drukpa Tseshi
Prayers at the main Monasteries in Sikkim to celebrate Buddhas first teaching of the Four Noble Truths.

Phang Lhabsol
Dances at Pemayangtse celebrate the treaty of brotherhood between Lepcha and Bhutia and to honour the guardian deities Khangchendzonga and Yabdu. This festival is unique to Sikkim, where the snowy range of Khangchendzonga is worshipped for its unifying powers.

Durga Puja ( Dasain)
Devotees pay homage with flowers and blood sacrifice to the supreme goddess Durga.
Family members
receive a 'Tika'- a red powder mark on the forehead.

Lhabab Duechen
Another very colourful and importatant festival of the state.

Monks preparing for prayersLaxmi Puja, Diwali
( 3 weeks after Dasain, Hindu month of Kartik)
Festival of lights, inviting Laxmi, goddess of wealth into every home.

Kagyat Dances
( 28th - 29th days of the 10th Tibetan month)

Dances at several Monasteries. Effigies are burnt representing the destruction of evil, and inviting an auspicious New Year.

Celebrating Sikkim's New Year. Marked by family gatherings and archery contests.

Enchey Chaam
(18th - 19th day of the 11th Tibetan month)
Ritual dances at Enchey Monastery with elaborate costumes and masks.

Flower Festival
Throughout spring, White Hall , Gangtok.