Tourist and Trekking Permits

1. All foreign tourists other than from Nepal or Bhutan require a passport with an Indian visa prior to    arrival.

2. Foreigners require an inner-line permit to enter Sikkim which is valid for 15 days and can be extended by     the tourism department by another 15 days. Inner line permits are available at the following places :


  14, Pancheel Marg
  New Delhi - 110021.
  Phone : (011) - 6115346.   
  4/C, Poonam Building
  5/2, Russel Street
  Calcutta - 700 017.   
  Phone : (033) - 2468993, 2267516.
On the way to Goechala

3. Trekking permits are a must and it is mandatory to go through a recognised travel agent of Sikkim.     Trekking is allowed in groups of minimum 4 persons.

Money :-
The currency used in Sikkim is Indian rupees. There are few places to change money at Gangtok. Travellers cheques can be en-cashed at the State Bank of India, Gangtok Main Branch.

Health :
There is a reasonably good facility for health check-ups and hospitals at Gangtok. STNM HOSPITAL and MANIPAL REFERAL HOSPITAL are the two hospitals at Gangtok. Apart from this the assistance of private doctors are also available. To be on the safe side it is advisable to carry some essential medicines for fever, nausea, headache, indigestion etc. High pressure, and asthma patients should get a proper checkup done before going to high altitude zones.

Clothing :-
Sikkim has a wide range of climates and conditions. For Summer one must carry light woolens and for winter heavy woolens. Occasional rains are a common phenomenon in Sikkim so a rain-coat or an umbrella is a must.

Best season :-
Sikkim is a place that can be visited all round the year with different sights and scenes in different season. But we suggest you to visit during October to June as because it does not rain at this time and conditions are just right for trekking and sight-seeing with 80% clear sky always giving the tourists a chance to see Mt. Kanchendzonga all the time.