Nongkrem Dance:

Celebrated in November, Nongkrem is one of the most important Khasi festivals.

Shad Sukmynsiem:

The three days festival of Shad Sukmynsiem is a joyous celebration of thanksgiving – usually held in April. People dress in their traditional costumes during the three days of festivities.

Beh Deinkhlam:

the Jaintias invoke the gods for a good harvest after the showing has been don with the festival of Beh Deinkhlam. Rituals are also conducted to avert evil. Thee festival is held in July.

Wangala Dance:

Held in November, the great harvest festival of Garos is the Wangala Dance. It is a time for thanksgiving and celebration. Colourful costumes, dance and music are the highlights of the all the festivities.