Meghalaya means the abode of clouds. The gentle hills of Meghalaya are interspersed with rich meadows and pine forest, three hundred verities of Orchids are found here. The sacred forest represents some of the earliest presentations of preserving the ancient eco- system. Meghalaya is also home to the unique carnivorous plant, the Pitcher plant. Sir J.D. Hooker, the renowned botanist look the blue vanda (lady’s slipper) orchid to propagate it in London’s famous Kew garden. The people are divided into three tribes,  Khasis, Jaintias and Garos. Meghalaya is Orchid country. It has about 300 of the world’s species growing in its rich forestland, garden and nurseries. These rare specimens include the insect-eating pitcher plant, wild citrus and Pygmy Lily. The wealth of Meghalaya’s exotic butterflies and moth species found in its forest and meadows have been showcased in the delightful butterfly museum.

 Bara bazaar, in Shillong, is a hottest place for exploring for souvenirs. Good buys include mounted butterflies, hand woven shawls, orange honey, black mushroom , Khasi dresses of women, pineapple, orange and other fruits products. The market is not just a shopping place but also a tourist attraction. Mounted Butterflies are available at the butterfly museum at Mawkhar. Other places for shopping are GS Road, police Bazar and Jail road.