Fairs And Festival of Arunaclal Pradesh


Losar Festival

The Losar festival is the beginning of new year according to the Monpa calendar. This 15 days festival falls on January/ February. Its highlights are the colorful Aji Lhamu dance, Lion and Peacock dance and the yak dance.


Torgya Festival

The Torgya Festival is a 3-day affair. This important festival signifies the destruction of evil spirit and harmful forces and seeks the rule of prosperity and happiness amongst the people.


Saka Dawa

Celebrated in the 4th month of the lunar calendar, the Saka Dawa festival marks Gautam Buddha’s achievement of Nirvana.


Dukpa Tse- shi

The Dukpa Tse-shi festival celebrates the preaching of the four noble truths at Sarnath by Buddha. It falls in the 6th month of the lunar calendar.


Lhabab Duechen

In the 9th month of the Monpa, the Lhab Duechen festival signifies the reincarnation of the Buddha as Sakyamuni.


Ganden Ngamchoe

Ganden Ngamchoe commemorates the death of Tsongkha-pa, the founder of Gelugpa sect.


Nyukom yullow

Nyukom festival of the Nyishis is celebrated on 26th February every year to propitiate the gods for a good harvest.



Mopin is an agricultural festival of the galos celebrated on 5th April. Mopin is synonymous with wealth and prosperity.



Solung is the colorful festival of the Adiminyong group. The festivities last for seven days and the villagers prepare rice beer and store plenty of meat and vegetables for the joyous occasion.



Reh is celebrated by the Idu Mishmis on 1st February. Mithun, buffaloes, pigs and fowls are sacrificed in the name of different gods and deities.



Oriah is an agricultural festival of the Wanchoos, celebrated on 16th February. Festival last for four to six days and are marked with songs and dances.



Dree is the main festival of the Apatanis. It is celebrated on the 5th of July after the planting of paddy.